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Adrianne, Carrie, Asiza and Heather in their yard July 4, 2006Welcome! This is Carrie, Heather, Asiza and Adrianne's virtual home. The links on the side will direct you to each of our individual pages. Click on the Photo Album link to find our online photo albums. Sit back, drink a cup of coffee and enjoy. Don't forget to sign our Guestbook so that we know you were here.

It has been a busy fall. Heather, Asiza and Adrianne started school. Heather is a senior, Asiza is in 7th grade, and Adrianne is in 4th grade. You can see first day of school pictures in our Fall 2008 photo album. At the end of September we moved to a new house! Our new house can be viewed on the realtor's page. I will get some real pictures up as soon as we are no longer living in a construction zone.

E-mail Carrie for our new address and phone number. We live just a couple blocks from Carrie's parents in the town she grew up in. Adrie attends Carrie's old elementary school, Asiza her old middle school, and Heather her old high school. The girls have adjusted very well to the new house and new school. The new house has more space, and the girls each have their own rooms. We also have a carriage house in the back where Heather will move in a few months when she starts receiving adult services.


The 4th Annual Torching of the Neo-Con was a blasting good time this past 4th of July. We had a great time and thanks everyone for coming. The video is up, so visit the 4th Annual Torching of the Neo-Con page to see pictures and video from the torching. Other Summer 2008 pictures can be seen in our Summer 2008 album.

Stop the war!

The insurgencies in Iraq and Afghanistan are increasing. More people, civilians and soldiers alike are needlessly dying each day. Why? Because our president lied to us. He lied about why he invaded Iraq, he lies each time he links our involvement in Iraq with the events of September 11, 2001. He lies each time he tries to justify the lives lost in Iraq. I don't want my children, my nephews, cousins, friends' children, or anyone else's children to die in an unjustified war. We need an exit strategy now, and a real leader for our country.

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